Here’s 5 Signs Telling You That Your Relationship Is Toxic

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Can you ever tell if your relationship is toxic? What are some of the warning signs to show that things are moving the wrong direction with your partner?

Many people will find it difficult answering these questions and may not even know their relationships have gotten really bad. Here are five warning signs of a toxic relationship.  

1. They appear antagonistic all the time

Relationships are usually very sweet at the beginning. You and your partner generally give your all into it and you both understand and compliment one another. But at some point, your partner may become unnecessarily suppressive and challenge everything you do or say.

According to Dr. Marian Stansbury; a licensed marriage and family therapist in Connecticut, when you start feeling like you’re under so much pressure, stressed out and unable to express yourself the way you want, things have become toxic in your relationship, and it may be a wise decision to get out of it.

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2. You doubt their expression of love

When your relationship is moving great, your partner regularly tells you how much they love you. At that point, you can see that what is said is what is meant. But if things begin to get sour and you have any reason to doubt the expression of love you receive, your relationship is beginning to be poisoned. Dr. Marian says you could end up feeling abandoned, while your partner whines about you being over-demanding.

3. You are not allowed an opinion

According to Dr. Kristin Davin, Psy.D, you know your relationship is toxic when you are unable to speak your mind. It feels like you need to be someone else to be heard and accepted. In such situations, everything is about your partner, and nothing about you. You feel obliged to give in to everything your partner wants, but you never get the chance to have them satisfy even your most basic needs.

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4. You are prevented from improving your life

In working relationships, partners do everything possible to ensure they both can have something that can enable them provide for themselves. But when misunderstandings set in, things may take another dimension. One party could develop hatred for the other, and go as far as doing everything possible to pin them down, blocking any attempts to develop in life , such as getting a job, fostering education, etc.

It’s OK to have misunderstandings in relationships. When such problems cause individuals to get this extreme, the relationship has become toxic and is worth quitting.

5. They argue without reasoning

Experts say one of the signs your relationship is toxic is your partner seeming to argue for the sake of winning and not to solve the problem. Clinical psychologist, Dr. Suzanne Lachmann proposes that we always look at our relationships like a seesaw.

If the relationship is going on well, we will do just what is expected of us, and make the right arguments for it to stay balanced. When one party becomes unreasonable in their argument, it destabilizes the relationship and clearly indicates it has become toxic.

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