5 Signs You’re an Alcoholic

alcoholContrary to what some people may think, alcohol is not dangerous to our health. In fact, some medics have confirmed that a glass or two of brewed alcohol occasionally, is necessary to keep the body in good health.

The product only becomes a problem when it is consumed a lot more than required or recommended. Unfortunately, many people have made it a habit to consume a lot more alcohol than their system can contain. Such people have become alcoholics, and that title has many negative reparations attached to it.

Alcoholics have to deal with social, psychological and financial upheavals; and in most cases, they deal with all three at once. Socially, they can be regarded as a disappointment in their society when they stagger their way home or to work from the bar.

Being an alcoholic is something we would certainly not want to happen to us; but many of us could already be without knowing. So what are those signs to watch for if you must check your alcoholism? Let’s look at five of them right away.

You go for alcohol even at moments you know you shouldn’t

There are instances where drinking is for no reason whatsoever tolerated; when driving, when operating a (heavy) machinery and when on medication (except otherwise instructed by your doctor). But even in such circumstances, some people cannot withstand the temptation of taking a bottle of beer. If you find yourself in a situation where you keep drinking even when convention holds that you shouldn’t, that could be warning sign number one that you are an alcoholic. You should do something about that as fast as possible.

Your drinking gets you in trouble with the law

When taken moderately alcohol has no real negative effect on the consumer. But when taken in excess, it could push the abuser to engage in activities attract law enforcement intervention. People who drink too much could become a nuisance to those around them. They may engage in robbery, vandalism and other forms of public disorder; activities that could easily attract police intervention. If you find yourself being led to a prison cell because of your drinking, it is an indication that you’ve started taking more than you should. And if this becomes a habit, then it is warning sign number two that you are an alcoholic.

Your friends and family members are concerned about your drinking

Many people who consume alcohol normally, probably drink with their friends and family members. That is because that feeling of togetherness binds everyone together. When you become an alcoholic, the same feeling of togetherness forces these same family and friends to start being worried about your drinking habit. You will likely not have them drink with you anymore because they would discourage you from consuming, rather than share with you. The mere fact that family members and friends get concerned about your drinking is clear proof that there is a problem. Work on it before it gets too late; that’s warning sign number three.

You try quitting (many times) in vain

It is easy to tell that you have an alcohol problem if you try to quit and you don’t succeed. Actually, you wouldn’t want to quit if there was no problem. You may not accept it, but what you are trying to quit is alcoholism. Quit attempts is warning sign number four. If you’ve experienced this, it would be wise to start considering what you can do to get help.

You try to hide your drinking

Alcoholism warning sign number five; trying to hide your drinking habit from friends and family is something you should watch out for. Actually, you will not attempt to hide your habit if it was so glorious. You probably are an alcoholic.

These warning signs should never be taken lightly. If you experience one or some of them, you just may have a serious drinking problem. Do not panic though, there is always a way out. You can take our Test My Addiction Assessment.  When you do, you will be able to determine the extent of your alcoholism, and then receive the best recovery plan you can ever imagine. Our team of experts are always on standby just waiting to lift you up.


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