4 Crazy Reasons Why People Body Shame Others

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Obesity has reached epidemic numbers in the United States

Currently affecting more than one-third of adults in the population, a new form of motivation has come to fruition: body shaming. Also known as fat shaming, this bad attitude has been shown in clinical studies to be extremely counterproductive.

In fact, a study from the journal Obesity reported that, “In a study of 2,994 adults over four years, those who reported experiencing weight discrimination gained more weight than those who did not.”

In other cases, body shaming has been linked to depression, eating disorders, stress, chronic diseases and a reduced self-esteem. Given the counterproductive nature and discrimination undertones of fat shaming, why do people continually body shame others?

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These are the four main reasons people body shame others

1. Socially constructed ideas

One of the major reasons why people body shame others is due to the societal expectations and constructed idea. Due to societal expectations over the course of the years, an ideology of sex selling has taken over, causing a decrease in self-esteem of millions.

In 2016, it’s promoted and demonstrated through advertisement that an individual who is not considered beautiful, sexy or ‘easy-on-the-eyes,’ should not be ‘seen.’ In fact, in many cases, individuals that do not fit the mold have a decreased chance of being successful in certain fields.

This is the debilitating mentality that stimulated the entire body shaming movement. In this, people feel entitled and empowered to critique others. This mentality can be traced from adults and all the way down to elementary school.

2. The mirror effect

The world that we live in is like a mirror. What this means is that anyone who judges another human being is essentially only judging or recognizing that inside themselves. An individual who is body shaming another person is facing major mental and emotional insecurities, and rather than focus on what’s happening inside, they seek external validation by making another human being feel inferior. For those individuals, they metaphorically feed off of what their mind has created: An inferior individual.

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3. The crowd effect

Another reason why people body shame others is due to the crowd effect. The crowd effect is simply the idea that others in the crowd are shaming, so, by default and rather than being different, it’s easier to join the crowd and shame.

This vicious cycle is created from a lack of identity and a lack of self-awareness. Many people who exude this are, similar to the mirror effect, seeking to fill a void of insecurities and only act from a place of “wanting to be cool or popular.”

Sadly and unknowingly, through contributing to the crowd, one is only further expanding the body shaming culture rather than contributing to the dissolution of it.

4. The scared effect

In many cases, those who are participating in the body shaming and judgement of others are doing so from intimidation or fear. It can be seen in hundreds of cases where a female has a more expensive outfit or her hair looks messy or she’s plain different – those are moments where women tend to capitalize on a weakness, body shaming.

It has been proven time and time again that when others feel a sense of fear, or inferior to another human being, they try to take them down through shame.

It’s time to stop judging

While the body shaming culture is prevalent in society today, it’s imperative to take this time, now, to spread the awareness of how one can stop judging others. It starts with self love.

If you know any individuals that are negatively contributing, share these top 5 tips:

–      Focus on YOU

–      Listen to YOUR thoughts

–      Stop Judging YOU

–      Remember how YOU feel

–      Look for Positivity

Culture changes

With the media and socially-constructed ideas defining what beauty is, there have been numerous powerhouse companies across the world leading the movement to dissolve body shaming and create body appreciation. Driving the movement, Dove, one of the longest-running cosmetic companies launched their Campaign for Real Beauty.

Their research discovered that only 11% of girls globally are comfortable describing themselves as “beautiful.” As a result, Dove created an entire marketing campaign based on “real and diverse women” in efforts to empower women of all body-sizes and types.

More recently, many may have recognized Target conduct a similar campaign for females as well. What this all demonstrates is the idea that culture is changing and body shaming is now becoming less socially acceptable whereas full acceptance is gradually taking over.

Today, plus size models can be seen on runways side-by-side with Kardashians, however, there has not been any major commercials or advertisements accepting men for their size. With that being said, the culture of socially constructed ideas has built a double-edged sword.

Once we can work together to remove the judgement culture, then self-love can finally exist.

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