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Doing Tough Love with my Son Led Us Both to Recovery

[share]As the mother of a recovering addict, I am blessed that my son eventually chose sobrietyAnd, for sure, being sober is a choice. Everyday, my son consciously chooses to stay sober. Today he is four years sober, and believe it or not, I do not worry about him relapsing.Not worrying about my son relapsing was a breakthrough in my life. However, getting to that point was not easy. Just like my son chose sobriety, I had to choose to “Let Go” and to “Let God.” I did tough love with my son, Ryan, in 2002, when he was twenty-five. My journey through his addiction to his recovery encom- passes over eleven years and is written as a memoir in my…

Deni B. Sher

7 Daily Routines to Stay Healthy & Happy in Sobriety

These daily routine tips will improve your quality of life and help keep you healthy and happy Early addiction recovery can be a foreign and overwhelming process as you ease...

Recovery Rehabs Editorial

Eat Whatever The F*ck You Want This Holiday Season

Good news!!!  You can eat whatever you want this holiday season and stop worrying about your pants bursting open at the seams. I personally look forward to these buffet-style feasts...

Aaron Barnes

Chris Cross The Nation (The Last Month)

We’ve followed Chris from the beginning He set out to cross the US, running a marathon or more, pretty much every day. He’s now, almost done. Today, he entered California,...

Recovery Today Magazine

NSS-2 Bridge to Treat Opioid Addiction

There is no one-size-fits-all approach for drug addiction Every addict responds differently to treatment. This is the reason why new treatments are being studied, approved and introduced all the time....

Recovery Rehabs Editorial

Can We Accelerate Recovery Through Biotechnology?

Treatment centers, of course, segment care for alcoholism, opiates, meth amphetamines, cocaine, etc. Detox for each is different and Inpatient care is very specific in what is referred to as...

Recovery Today Magazine

Recover Your Body, and Your Mind Will Follow

After I relapsed at the beginning of 2010, I decided I would have to do something different if I were going to stay sober. By that time, it had been...

Jennifer Matesa

5 Hidden Signs Of Prescription Pain Medication Addictions

Prescription drug addiction is one of the fastest growing types of substance addiction out there. It is a significant problem for both patients as well as physicians especially when the...

Sherry Gaba

Equine Therapy and Addiction

The same kind of therapy doesn’t work for all addicts. While many respond to traditional programs, others fall back into old patterns once they leave treatment or they fail to...

Recovery Rehabs Editorial

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