Why You Need To Stop Hanging Out With Your Addict Friends

It is essential that you have a plan for yourself once you’re out of rehab. This may include a change in lifestyle, better diet, taking up positive hobbies and a better exercise regime. However, one of the most important things that should be a part of this plan is a change in the social circle.
Once you’re out, hanging out with the same group of friends that helped you pick up the habit of using in the first place is a sure way to relapse. Friends who encourage you to celebrate ‘one month of being sober’ are also preparing you to fail in multiple ways.
We take a look at the several reasons why hanging out with your addict friends can lead to relapse:

They Discourage You

Rehab is a battle that you don’t necessarily need to fight for yourself. Your family and friends play an important role in maintaining a positive attitude and a healthy environment for change. It is essential that the people around you take things as seriously as you do.
However, friends from your pre-rehab era that still live and breathe heavily on drugs are definitely not these people. These people might feel insecure looking at the progress you made which takes a lot of more courage than they possess. They will try to discourage you by telling rehab never works for anyone and might mock you for taking outside help.

They Include Alcohol/Drugs In Every Plan

If these friends never plan an activity that does not involve drugs, then you need to quit being friends with them for your own good. These are exactly the people who will never pack for hiking without a few joints or plan a lunch without wine for the very least.
Even something like watching a movie without a few beers is an impossible task. Since you will be looking to spend a lot of time taking up new habits that do not include drugs or alcohol, these friends just do not have a place in your new world.

Their Life Revolves Around Drugs

Tell us if this sounds familiar. You make plans to hang out with your addict friends but instead, spend the entire night in some other friend’s apartment getting stoned or drawing one line after the other. This is followed by desperately trying to get rid of the hangover and then eventually searching for a hit again.
All these friends care about is sourcing drugs, doing drugs and then searching for the next hit again. They have no meaningful relationships with their family and hardly ever sit down with them to have a conversation.

They Stop Being Friends With You

It is immature to take drugs or alcohol around an addict but encouraging or even forcing them is just a whole another level of selfishness. They will tell you to come out for just a few drinks, to celebrate a small occasion and use other ways to force you to relapse.
These people even go to the extent of avoiding you if you don’t give in. This is because they feel insignificant around you and envy your progress. Your presence makes them aware of everything that is wrong with them which they do not have the strength to concur.

They Aren’t Worth Your Friendship

It is totally understandable if your friends cannot stop using even with you leading by example. They should still be proud of your progress and wish the best for you. However, if all they can do is drag you down to their level, then you need to rethink your friendships.
These aren’t the people who care about you or your future. They need to be around with people like them who do not make them feel guilty about who they are. These people are just filling voids with friends whom they can hang out with instead of forming deep meaningful relations.

These reasons make it evidently clear who your real friends are and who you need to let go. There is a good chance that your friends are good people and never force you to take up the habit again. But we strongly recommend avoiding hanging out with them to stay on a path of healthy recovery. You need to look for sober activities and surround yourself with clean people. A sober living house, for instance, could do wonders for your recovery.