Effects of Addiction on Marriages

Effects of alcohol or substance addiction can cause severe behavioral problems which might leave a permanent mark on our personalities. It is important to note that alcohol and drug addiction is equally devastating for our family as it is to us.

In marriages too, the spouse is subjected to a rollercoaster of feelings that might leave them deep psychological problems.

Here we take a look at the signs how addiction is ruining a marriage.

1. Domestic Violence

Alcohol and Drug Addiction is known to cause extreme behavioral problems in a person. There might be times when a person gets uncontrollably angry after a heated argument with their spouse and try to take it out using physical force. More often than not, alcohol or substance plays an important part in marriages that reported incidents of domestic violence. This is without a doubt the most damaging thing that the spouse is subjected to because of the addict.

2. Depression

Living in a marriage where a person is under the influence of drug addiction, feelings of anxiety, anger and depression are common in the spouses. This happens mostly because they are unable to express their feelings to the addict. Since the addiction also adversely affects them they go through feelings of anger, disappointment, stress and even anxiety. The spouses are then left to bottling up their emotions and battle them on their own.

3. Financial Trouble

If you are in a relationship with an addict, chances of Financial Trouble are almost inevitable. The addict is known to spend all their resources on drugs of their choice and in worst cases might also end up losing their job. This further puts financial stress on the spouse who remains to be the sole bread earner for the family. Since they are already under immense emotional stress themselves, the financial troubles manage to take things on a whole new level.

4. Social Outlook

It is not exactly a matter of pride for the spouse to break it to the kids and extended family members about the addict’s problems. To avoid this they tend to hide the problems of their household from the outside world. This requires the spouse to lie on the addict’s behalf on several occasions which eventually also causes co dependency. Another pressure to hide the truth from the outside world also falls on the spouse’s shoulders.

5. Intimacy

Intimacy is hands down the most important part of a marriage. Once that goes out of the way, the relationship tends to take a toll. Feelings of resentment and lack of trust are normal in the spouse which might lead them to want to have a relationship with another person. Sometimes it has less to do with physical intimacy and they just want a companion to share their feelings, anger, aspirations and other personal thoughts.

6. Resentment

The treatment for addiction starts only once the addict accepts that he needs help. There is very little a spouse can do to help if they remain in a constant state of denial. Since the addict is on a war with himself, a number of responsibilities fall on the spouse who is already under immense pressure. The spouse becomes solely responsible for providing for the family, tending to the kids and maintaining the social outlook of the family for the outside world. It is only natural for them to start having feelings of resentment towards their partner who refuses to acknowledge the problem.

7. Relationship Breakdown

While nothing leads to the breakdown of a marriage in a single day, it is the small things that pile up and bring the spouse to a point of saturation. This is usually the final nail on the coffin when they have tried everything to help their partner. This is extremely stressful as it includes the division of homes, children and other assets.

Alcohol and Drug Addiction never really affect the life of a single person and influence the well being of an entire home. It is strongly suggested that a person with such problems tends to them promptly before the effects become irreversible. There are rehabilitation centers where therapy is available for both the addict and the spouse.